Irish-English Dictionary

Written March 2009

Cute means smart, and smart means irreverent, along with saucy, which does not mean sexy, nor does foxy, which means ginger. Desperate does not mean desperate, but rather emphasises any word it precedes, as does awful, which does not mean terrible, which does. Sure means Well, and well means hello, which is not the same as hi, which generally means Oi you!, which is pretty similar to c'mere, which does not mean come over here, but rather is the generic start of an Irish sentence, meaning something along the lines of, ‘Please listen carefully, I am about to speak.’ Its opposite would be ‘Go on’ which does not mean go on at all, but rather, ‘Please put down the phone, I am finished speaking with you,’ which is much more polite than saying, ‘Get away to fuck’ which does not mean ‘Please leave so you can procreate’, but rather is the same as ‘Go on’, except with added snarling.

Are we clear yet?

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