The Long Gaze Back

Look! Look at this beautiful thing!

OK, so it could be said that I think it's beautiful because I am in it (which . . . uh, sounds vaguely masculine) but that is not the case. I mean look at it. LOOK AT IT.

One is not meant to admit to such things, but I greatly enjoy judging books by their covers, and the cover of The Long Gaze Back is a winner. I can't decide whether it reminds me of the sea, or Celtic design, or the flowing tresses of underappreciated superhero Polaris. In any case, omg, bbz, ur a stunna.

And there are wonders within. OH YES. I am picking stories at random and greatly enjoying the experience. Though I think that reading (certainly writing) a short story requires much more focus than reading the much more forgiving novel. There’s an intensity to the short story, in imbibing it as much as crafting it. Let your mind wander and skim a couple of lines and you could very well have lost something of serious meaning. And quite likely, lost the payoff.

I’m writing short stories at the moment, three that I hope to foist upon all y’all next year. Which is why I’m not blogging/updating this website/keeping a respectable home.

While I’m at that, please do consider picking up a copy of The Long Gaze Back. It’s an eclectic, magnanimous kind of collection, something for everyone, that kind of craic.

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