One Year On

It has been a fine cut of a year.

One hardback, one paperback, a wee clutch of short stories, an essay or two, an Irish Times Book Club, a generous scattering of lovely literary festivals, one blinding anthology, longlists and shortlists, a bunch of clever questions, a jacket quote, some top-secret but very intriguing phone calls, a troop of delightful new buddies, far too much book launch wine . . . and The Glorious Heresies reaches its first birthday.

In truth, I'm banjaxed. Bate. But in the best possible way. I have a lot to be grateful for: a brilliant team at John Murray, an ever-patient gang of friends and family, an engaged literary scene here in Ireland and a whole clather of great readers. The whole point of writing anything is so that people will read it, and people have, so thank you, People. It means a lot.

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